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Here is a selection of our recent projects with many photographs and explanation of the building process. Keeping you updated and fully informed about the progress makes things easy to perceive and understand.

Whether searching for building of a house, a swimming pool or repair works you can find new ideas, follow the up-to date works or just explore the current projects. So, what's new?

What's new

End of the works 24/03/2020
Тhe indoor staircase and the hallway are painted. The fireplace is also painted with which the repair works in this villa near Albena are completed.
Repair works on a house in Balchik Renovations and Repairs
Beginning of the works 24/03/2020
We begin the works removing the old tiles in the bathroom. We re-do the plumbing installation and lay new pipes and connections to the main water.
Progress of the works - Stage 3 21/03/2020
The trench around the pool is ready. The service room is also completed. The workers now mount the skimmers, the nozzles and the pipes. New power cable is installed.
Villa near Balchik Houses and Villas
March 2020 13/03/2020
At this stage the workers pour the concrete for the concrete beams and the strip foundations.After pouring concrete for the floor of level -2,40m. they grinded it. The reinforcement and formwork are prepared for the concrete beams on level 0.
End of the works 11/03/2020
The works are completed. The wall by the pool is ready. The drainage pipe for the down spouts and gutters are installed. The living room is painted one more time. The trellis of the terraces are also varnished. The barbecue stone has been repaired. The fence is painted once more and the locks of the metal doors are mounted.
Beginning of the works 09/03/2020
The works began with lay of contact primer. The concrete ramp for the parking place is demolished. Then the fiber panels are being installed. Concrete is poured for the new ramp by hand. A drainage pipe goes under the ramp.
Perimeter wall near Varna Renovations and Repairs
End of the works 28/02/2020
The wooden panels are installed and the perimeter wall near Varna is completed.
Beginning of the works 26/02/2020
Preparing for fitting air guns and make new air pressure installation.
End of the works 14/02/2020
The building site is cleared and leveled.